We are a full-service audio agency nestled in the heart of Hamburg. 

As sound and branding experts, we collaborate with forward-thinking brands and agencies forming a dynamic partnership that guides them through every aspect and challenge of sonic brand management. 

From the initial stages of strategy development and consulting to the meticulous processes of conception, creation, and production; we offer a comprehensive suite of client-focused services tailored to meet the distinct needs of each project.  

Our team of seasoned audio engineers, producers, voice talent, and musicians, are dedicated to transforming your ideas into captivating audio masterpieces.

We empower our clients to achieve brand identity excellence. 

Our array of services include:

  • Sound Design
  • Sound Branding
  • Voice Branding
  • AI Voices
  • Audio Concepts
  • Mixing & Mastering


Let us be the sonic architects of your next project, where passion and precision converge to create audio excellence. Experience the difference at Hello Robin – where your sound takes center stage.